The key look of the ILSE JACOBSEN HORNBÆK collection embraces relaxed luxury and smart casuals related closely to the Scandinavian lifestyle. Our roots are deeply grounded in Hornbæk, famous for the relaxing atmosphere around its small harbour, wide sandy beaches and dunes. Inspired by nature, we design ready to wear, rub&rain, bags and accessories in a fine balance between Scandinavian lifestyle, Danish design and modern urban living.



Did you know:

We are in the process of converting our energy consumption to the use of sustainable ressources. As of October 1st, 2016, all of our 200 employees in Danish locations are working with green energy and we are expecting to save the environment approximately 400 MW, which can be compared to what one of the large windmills can produce in an entire year. Our purpose is to protect the environment and to promote the production of and investment in green energy.


We strive to create transparency in what we do and are in the process of integrating a ‘zero waste’ policy. We believe in the idea that one man’s trash can easily be another man’s treasure, so we have a great collaboration with Danish Red Cross, to whom we donate products that we are no longer able to use.


Some of these products are sent to disaster areas around the world, where people are in urgent need of clothing. The remaining products become part of the Danish Red Cross recycling programme. This is one small step towards protecting the planet as well as helping people.



At ILSE JACOBSEN HORNBÆK, we are continuously working towards a greener production. As part of this ongoing process, we have integrated ecorepel® coating in our entire RAIN softshell collection, thus eliminating the use of fluorocarbons. ecorepel® is both water and dirt resistant and our raincoats with ecorepel® coating can be machine washed when needed. The coating lasts for at least 30 washes at low temperatures. Even after many uses and washes, the coating remains active. There is no need to spray our raincoats with chemicals. They just need to be tumble dried gently and the waterproof coating will be reactivated.


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